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14 October 2011

Roof collapses at Penguin Books, Rosebank

36 People fortunate to escape serious injury after the roof of a double storey building collapsed in Rosebank at the corners of Sturdy and Jan Smuts Avenue. One lady however, was injured and stuck on the first floor.

Paramedics were alerted to the incident which initially came in as all of the occupants of the building possibly still inside. Fortunately when they arrived 36 people managed to escape. Paramedics quickly assessed them for injuries but found that none of them sustained physical injuries. One lady was still inside.

Paramedics were able to make their way safely into the building and found the lady in her late 40′s on the first floor. She was conscious and complaining of pain to her ankle and shoulder. While paramedics stabilised her and provided her with pain medication rescue technicians were called to assist with her removal from the building.

The woman was placed on a stabilising backboard and removed from the building. She was transported by ambulance to Mediclinic Morningside for further treatment.
The cause of the roof collapse is not yet known. The necessary investigators will determine what caused the damage. Paramedics said that an entire wing of the building was reduced to rubble.

- ER24