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31 October 2011

Paramedics and Fire and Rescue Workers rescue dog

A Jack Russel whose head got stuck in a wall at a residence in Meyerton on Saturday morning was lucky that paramedics and Fire and Rescue Workers came to its rescue. Neighbours and the dog’s owners were alerted to the commotion as the dog was howling and squealing in pain and panic.

The missing bricks at the bottom of the neighbouring wall was just big enough for the dog to put its head through, but due to the angle it was unable to remove it again and was tightly stuck. The rescuers had to sedate the dog as it was in such a panic which calmed it down enough to be able to work around it to loosen the bricks.

Rescue equipment was used to remove a few more of the bricks, and the dog was reunited with its owner. Luckily the dog was not injured in the incident.

Thanks to the kindness and patience of the Fire and Rescue Workers and ER24 paramedics from the Vaal Branch!

- ER24