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25 October 2011

Northern Lights Reach into the South of the USA

A coronal mass ejection hit Earth's magnetic field on Monday, October 24 at approximately 2pm ET. This enabled the northern lights to be seen as far south as Arkansas, Tennessee, northern Alabama, northern Mississippi and North Carolina. For most, the aurora appeared as a red glow in the northern sky.

Northern Lights over Manitoba TalkingMomcents October 25, 2011 at 4:16

Blood red Northern lights aflame in the night sky while driving home from my workshop a few minutes ago. Awestruck

northern-lights.jpg - Photo by

Great photo of the Northern Lights. Image from Norwood, NC. courtesy of Marti Cupples via Brad Panovich.

A guy near us took this pic of the northern lights and posted it on Facebook. Picture doesn't do it justice.

- The Weather Channel