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09 October 2011

Man airlifted from Muizenberg Beach

A man is in a serious condition after he allegedly dived into a hard surface on the main beach at Muizenberg.

Bystanders pulled the man from the water and called the Western Cape Department of Health: Emergency Medical Services which assisted the man on the beach. While the paramedics from the department were busy stabilising the seriously injured man they noticed the ER24 Discovery Medicopter flying over the beach front.

The ER24 Medicopter team was busy conducting a routine patrol flight when they noticed the commotion on the beach front. Bystanders and other emergency
services indicated that the Medicopter was needed on the beach to assist them.

The local police department cleared a large section of the area in order for the Medicopter to land onsite. The specialist team consisting of two Medical
Doctors assessed the man and found that he needed to be airlifted to the hospital as soon as possible. It is suspected that the man sustained serious
neck injuries and he could not move his extremities at the time. The Medicopter airlifted the man to the Grootte Schuur Hospital.

- ER24