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18 October 2011

Interesting storm formations and weather observations this afternoon. (18 October 2011)

What an interesting afternoon of storms and I am sure that storms chasers in South Africa must have had a ball of a time.  I noticed the following severe storms phenomena this afternoon:

1. Storm hook in the Lichtenburg area.
2. Severe storm moving from Botswana though to the Western Bushveld possibly a Supercell..
3. Supercell in the Kwazulu Natal interior.
4. Intense storm with possible hook echo (hook echo not confirmed) in the Eastern Cape (West of Mthatha)
5. Squall line stretching from Lichtenburg to East London.
6. Possibly strong wind in areas. 
7. Some of the storms were fast moving.
8. Some of the storms produced little rain.
9. Intense lightning over large parts of South Africa.

More information about the above observations are available at SAWDIS Twitter.

I will not go into detail here other than to say that tomorrow could once again be an interesting day as far as weather is concerned.   The Limpopo and Kwazulu Natal Province can  still expect severe thunderstorms this evening.  Keep safe and take care.