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31 October 2011

Important Notice: Restructuring of the SAWDIS

The next few weeks till the end of the year will be a very busy time for the SAWDIS.   To stay in touch and in the foreground of weather and disaster related information certain critical decisions will have to be taken and changes to be made to the SAWDIS Web-Site and the SAWDIS as an information service.

The following proposals are currently under consideration:

  • SAWDIS Restructuring
  • Name change for the SAWDIS
  • Structural changes in the way the SAWDIS operate and function
  • Create a completely new web-site with enhanced software features
  • Ways to enhance weather and disaster education 
  • Request for certain weather information by the public and the private sector
  • Promotion and Education
As can be seen from the above the proposed ideas might result in major changes to the SAWDIS, even the closure of the SAWDIS and the establishing of a new COMMUNITY-BASED SERVICE.

More on these major changes to be posted in the next few weeks.

Truly exciting times ahead relating to weather and disaster observations. Don't miss any of the updates!!