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15 October 2011

Hazmat: Firemen treated after tanker overturned

A tanker carrying what is believed to be sulphur has over turned on the Kranspoort Road between Middleburg and Loskop Dam this afternoon.

Emergency personnel had arrived on the scene and found the tanker lying on its side and had ignited and was burning. The truck driver had lucky enough escape without injuries and was found away from the burning tanker. The local Fire Department were on the scene along with the Hazmat team trying to extinguish the flames. While trying to put the fire out two firemen had to be treated for possible sulphur dioxide inhalation. ER24 paramedics assessed the firemen and transported them to a nearby hospital in a stable condition for a further medical examination and treatment.

The cause of the driver to lose control is yet unknown but the local authorities are on the scene and would investigate the accident further. The road is still closed to traffic because of the potential dangers. It is unclear when the road will be reopened.

- ER24