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07 October 2011

Glentana homes on edge of dunes

The high spring tides after the September equinox can come at approximately the same time of the day every year in each location on the coast. These four homes perched on the prime dunes at Glentana, have lost large chunks of their front garden as a result thereof. Their owners have been notified of last week’s massive erosion by Eden District’s disaster management.

GEORGE NEWS - High seas battered the Garden Route coast last week and further eroded the prime sand dunes at Glentana where four homes are now precariously close to the edge of the dune.

Glentana resident Kobus Visagie alerted the George Herald saying that he feared for the worst. "I’ve been watching the four houses that are directly in danger of a cave-in and felt increasingly worried," he said.

Eden District Municipality’s disaster manager, Gerhard Otto said he was well aware of the situation and had alerted the absent home-owners via the Mossel Bay Municipality. The eastern section of Glentana was almost deserted at the time of the George Herald’s visit this week and nobody was seemingly aware of the impending "di-saster".

A resident who lives next to the four homes situated between Galie Meyer and Stegman Roads - which were worst affected - said that they had secured their home with massive retaining walls. Since then there had been no more erosion of their front garden.

The affected homes had each lost most of their front garden. This is due to the steady wash-away of the dunes over an extended period.
Commenting on the situation, Eden Municipality’s environmental control officer, Vernon Gibbs-Hall said he had compiled a report after inspecting the area. The municipal manager’s office is due to release it to the media shortly.

There had been a spring equinox high tide along the Garden Route coast last week which caused waves to push up three metres higher than usual.