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10 October 2011

Fire at Durban Engen refinery

Engen officials have confirmed that a fire has broken out at the refinery south of Durban. 

The company's Herb Payne says the blaze started in the crude unit about half an hour ago.

He says emergency officials are at the scene and there are no injuries.

Bluff resident, Ronika Dundee, says she can can see thick black smoke and flames.

"I was coming along Tara Road and I saw this mass of smoke going towards the old airport. It was almost as thick as when we had the last tanker fire. I drove down to the Tara Road football grounds and you can actually see the flames as well, they're quite huge," she said.

"Surely the siren should have gone off? It's actually scary, I am shaking I am so angry with them, because we're so tired of all this nonsense now."

Payne says people shouldn't panic as the situation is under control.

(Photo: Courtesy Mark van Wyk)

Article: East Coast Radio