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31 October 2011

Earthquake Van – Ercis, Turkey – Death toll now at 601+, with 4152 injured, at least 8321 households long-term homeless

The death toll has passed 600, and is now at 601. The number of tents provided has increased to 43,367 (8,639 from international sources.). 165,531 blankets have been provided. That is a lot of blankets if you can imagine the weight! But remember that it is very cold in the Van Province at the moment, as it is quite high up! See The aftershocks number has also increased to 1561, with some additional ones counted in the lower numbers.
Sizes, ranging from M2 to 3 = 556,
ranging from M3 to 4 = 832,
ranging from M4 to 5 = 108,
ranging from M5 to 6 = 7

Injury count remains at 4152 injured.
601 people have been killed. 14 have been found since yesterday.
Currently 4,440 search and rescue, 1710 medical personnel, 18 search dogs, 651 construction equipment and vehicles including 146 ambulances, 143 generators, 77 projectors, 95 portable toilets, 42,711 tents (including 8,166 from overseas aid), 54 collective shelter tent, 69 general purpose tents, 65 prefabricated houses, 2,300 Mevlana houses, 160,360 blankets, 1,179 quilts, 37 mobile kitchens, 3,051 kitchen sets, 6,899 catalytic stoves, 5,792 sleeping bags, and 1 mobile kitchen are present.
The number of aftershocks is now 1400.

Unfortunately, yesterday was the last day for search and rescue in the region. Work will then begin on demolishing, recovery and rebuilding. It is thus unlikely that the number of people rescued will increase above 188.

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