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09 October 2011


ER24 attended to five drowning incidents since the beginning of the weekend. This morning ER24 briefed the public about drowning incidents at the South African Police Services Open Day in Wilgeheuwel in Roodepoort. We have seen several drowning incidents since Friday 7 October across the country.

On Friday paramedics attended to a 14 year old girl that fell into the water at Marine Parade in Durban when she apparently had a seizure. She was rescued by bystanders. Paramedics stabilised her on the scene and rushed her through to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

In the early hours of this morning paramedics from the Vaal attended to a boating accident where four people were injured. A man and three women were injured and required medical attention.

In another water incident paramedics attended to a man that nearly drowned in Wilderness. He was rescued from the water and rushed off to a local George Hospital.

In the latest two incidents a man lost his life and another was transported in a serious condition by the Western Cape Department of Health: Emergency Medical Services to a nearby hospital. It is believed that two men were swimming in the ocean at Gordon’s Bay when the incident occurred.

Paramedics from ER24 resuscitated the one man. He was later declared dead as he showed no signs of life. A 25 year old is in a serious but stable condition after bystanders found the man submerged in a pool at a local resort in Kimberley. Bystanders explained to paramedics that the man was playing in the pool with his child at the time. Bystanders rescued the child from the water before he drowned.

ER24 would like to urge the public especially during the hot summer days not to enter water alone. Always make sure that there is another person close by that can assist in case of an emergency. Do not leave your children unattended in a swimming pool and ensure that pools and open water masses are covered or not accessible by children or people that cannot swim. Always make sure that there is a responsible person nearby that knows your whereabouts and ensure that you only swim at beaches that have lifeguards on duty.

- ER24