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14 October 2011

Building burns in Doornfontein

Two children were treated for minor smoke inhalation injuries after a fire broke out on the ground floor of a building on Davies Street in Doornfontien, Johannesburg.
It seems that a number of people were residing in the two storey building at the time that the fire started, but it is not yet clear as to the cause. The building was quickly filled with smoke, and the occupants immediately started to evacuate. At this time it is not know as to the duration that the two children spent inside so as to inhale the smoke, but ER24 paramedics who were at the scene assessed the boy (10), and girl (11) and found that although they would need further assessment and treatment at a medical facility, their smoke inhalation injuries were relatively minor. They were both taken to the Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital in Johannesburg for further care.
It was not know whether there were any other people still trapped inside the burning building, but Fire and Rescue Workers responded quickly to the call and contained the fire while searching within the building for more casualties. Fortunately, it was determined that it was unlikely to find more people inside as all relatives and friends of those who were in the building had been accounted for.
The fire had been contained and the fear of it spreading to the nearby buildings was no longer.
Investigators will determine the cause of the fire.
- ER24