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12 October 2011

Blood stocks critical in Kwazulu Natal

The blood supply situation is critical in KwaZulu-Natal. There is currently less than a day of stock in the bank.

The South African National Blood Service says the reserves should have at least a five day stock to ensure that all hospitals have enough supply for emergencies.  All hospitals have now been asked to hold off on planned operations.

The Blood Service's Gail Northard believes the recent school holidays may have contributed to the decrease as many of the regular donors are pupils.

She says people with chronic illnesses such as cancer, who need blood transfusions, will suffer due the shortage.  So she has appealed to all regular donors to make the time to visit their nearest donor clinic.

"The situation we're in now - with such low Group O blood stock, which is the emergency group blood because it's compatible with all blood types, we could be in a terrible situation should there be a bad accident or a mum who has a sudden haemorrhage.  But people must realise that we need stock every single day for all our patients that have medical conditions that require blood product every single day of their lives. And we've just not been able to meet this demand in KZN," said Nothard.

To find your nearest clinic call 0800 DONATE (366 283) toll-free or visit:

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