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10 October 2011

4 teenagers swept into lagoon

GEORGE NEWS - The NSRI Wilderness volunteer duty crew was activated on Saturday (October 8) at approximately 13:00 following reports of four 16-year-old teenagers (two males and two females) in trouble in the Touw River Lagoon.

As high tide approached the swell and currents heading into the Touw River channel, feeding into the lagoon, were extremely strong and the 4 teenagers were swept into the lagoon.

According to Garth Duminy, NSRI Wilderness duty coxswain, bystanders rescued the two females from the water and the two males managed to get out of the water without assistance.

The two females both suffered from suspected near-drowning symptoms and they were transported to hospital by ambulance where they were later released.

Information courtesy of NSRI Sea Rescue Communications.

- George Herald