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11 October 2011

2 students burnt in radiator explosion

[Vanderbijlpark 10 October 2011 13:00]

Two students travelling in a bus in Vanderbijlpark this afternoon suffered extensive burn injuries after the bus's radiator is believed to have exploded.

The small transporter bus, which was full of students at the time of the incident, all aged in their early 20's, were travelling on Barrage Road when the driver suddenly noticed steam coming from the engine compartment. The driver then pulled the bus over between Westinghouse Boulevard and Andries Potgieter Street to determine what was going on. The students then disembarked the vehicle and stood next to it while they waited for the outcome.

Moments later, it is alleged that the bus's radiator ruptured and a strong flow of boiling steam poured out. Unfortunately for two of the students, they were standing closer to the engine, and they sustained severe burns. The young lady was burnt on her right arm, back and right leg, while the young man on both of his lower legs.

The two students were treated accordingly on scene before being taken per ambulance to Mediclinic Emfuleni for further treatment.

The reason for the radiator malfunctioning will need to be investigated as the cause is as yet not clear.

None of the other students were injured in the incident.

Vanessa Jackson, ER24
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