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13 September 2011

Update: SAWDIS Projects

With the weather and disasters being on the "quiet" side, I decided to spend most of my time working on the following SAWDIS projects:

1. SAWDIS Lightning Monitor/Detector Project: This build will detect/monitor nearby lightning but can also detect the atmospheric conditions which precede lightning.

2. SAWDIS Earthquake Seismometer Project: Building an inexpensive and highly accurate instrument to monitor movements (Earthquakes and tremors)within the earth.

3. SAWDIS Kite Project: SAWDIS - KITE CARRYING WEATHER RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS PROJECT, is a Southern Cape based project that promotes science and education by exploring different kinds of frontiers with medium to high altitude kites.

4. SAWDIS Quadcopter Project: NEW!! - Details soon to be published.

5. SAWDIS Lightning Radar Project: NEW!! - Details soon to be published.

So if there is not much happening on the SAWDIS Blog take note that I am working on the following projects. Updates of these projects will be posted on the SAWDIS as each project progresses.