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18 September 2011

Update: SAWDIS Kite Project

Aquilone 1 Payload Construction

The SAWDIS Kite Project is well under way.  I am currently busy with the payload construction and hope to make the first payload test by the end of this week.  Here is a few images of the different electronic projects that will be installed in the payload bay.

GPS Antenna installed on PCB

GPS UBlox unit which will be connected to the Modified TinyTrak1 board for APRS tracking

Modified TinyTrak1 PCB which forms part of the APRS Tracker Unit

Meteo Board with Barometer, Hygrometer, Temperature meter and transmitter to transmit weather info to computer.

Transmitter for APRS Tracker unit.  The transmitter will transmit the exact location of the kite.

RS232 converter for converting GPS data.

The payload tray showing two compartments.  There will be 6 compartments in the final tray assembly.

The payload tray (Side view.)

The payload housing with two end caps.

The payload bay with two end caps (Side view.)

The payload bay and tray.

The payload bay and tray. (Side view.)

(Click on images for larger view.)