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08 September 2011

Update: Perceived "rumblings" in Gordons Bay area??

Fanus Engelbrecht writes: We are also hearing this noise up in Suikerbossie – I phone Gbay security and the local SAPS, but they are not aware of this and are not hearing it down there. Anyone being able to identify the origin?

Rudie Loots writes: This is what I think is causing the rumbling noises heard in the Gordons Bay area.

Steenbras Dam has two dams, an upper and lower dam. There is also a Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Scheme, which is owned by the CCT's Electrical Engineering Department (generating power during peak hours) between these two dams. The movement of water between the dams might be causing a vibration along the mountain. In my opinion this explains the "Low frequency, Constant rumbling, Like thunder sound but distant and carries on for couple minutes" comment of Gianni.

I can’t seem to find allot of information on this specific Pumped Storage Scheme.

Hopefully someone that worked on the project back in the 70's read this and can supply us with more information. I am no expert.

SAWDIS:  Further comments most welcome. Rudie has a logic theory. Can someone comment on his theory?