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02 September 2011

SA Weather Today : 2 September 2011

Bloemfontein Foggy Today: 7/27°C Humidity: 31%  Wind: 260°/W 3kmh Sun:06:24/17:56

RT @WeatherGirlSA: Cape Town: Foggy Today: 10/13°C Humidity: 63% Wind: 290°/W 4kmh Sun:07:03/18:28 Alerts: Gales/Very Rough Seas

Durban: Foggy Today: 14/28°C Humidity: 93%  Wind: 190°/S 1kmh Sun:06:10/17:41 Alerts: Very Rough Seas

Johannesburg: Foggy Today: 10/27°C Wind: 300°/NW 2kmh Humidity: 32% Sun:06:19/17:55

Port Elizabeth: 8/18°C Wind: 240°/SW 13kmh Humidity: 87% Sun:06:34/17:59 Alerts: Gale Force Winds/Rough Seas

Pretoria: Foggy Today: 10/28°C Wind: 330°/NW 1kmh Humidity: Sun:06:18/17:55

Source: Weather Girl SA
@WeatherGirlSA South Africa
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