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23 September 2011

Polar bear 'kills Russian meteorologist'

A polar bear has mauled a Russian weather service scientist to death in an Arctic archipelago, prompting a hunt for the animal, ITAR-TASS quoted a local official as saying Thursday.

The victim, identified as Mikhail Eryomkin, was attacked on Tuesday on the Franz Josef Land archipelago, which sits about half way between the northern edge of continental Russia and the North Pole.

The region's meteorological service has received permission from state authorities to hunt down and kill the animal "to ensure the safety of remaining workers at the station," ITAR-TASS quoted a local weather official as saying.

It was not immediately clear how many Russian scientists remain stationed in the area or why the attack occurred.

Last month a polar bear killed a 17-year-old British boy when it entered the camp of a schools expedition to the Arctic on the Norwegian archipelago of Spitzbergen.