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14 September 2011

Pietermaritzburg storms 13/14th September 2011

Sheldon Strydom (University of Kwazulu Natal) writes: I have a few radar images and data graphs of the storms here in PMB last light, thought you might find them interesting.

AIR14th is a graph showing the average air temp from 00:00 (14th)
Atc shows the average air temperature for the 13th
ATdp shows the average dew point for the 13th
AWS shows the average wind speed for the 13th
Wind speed 14th shows the average wind speed for today up till 10:00 I think

The data was measured by the University of KwaZulu-Natal meteorological site and can be found at

Images: University of Kwazulu Natal (Click on images for larger view.)

SAWDIS: Thanks for the images Sheldon.  Unfortunately  due to copy-write issues the SAWDIS cannot publish the Weather Radar images of the SAWS. However I keep the radar images for record purposes on the SAWDIS hard drive.