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03 September 2011

Perceived "rumblings" in Gordons Bay area??

Christo Smit writes: I herewith resend a letter of my niece and her husband, Gianni, living in Gordonsbay, regarding recurring “rumblings” which the have taken notice of already from May 2011 up till present which are not the airplane noise which they know. We are interested to find out whether other people in that region – including the wider Capetown region-, also experienced these and to get seimic monitoring data to try to correlate with it.

Gianni writes: We have only heard 2 significant “rumblings” in the last 3 months I would say – I can’t say Thursday night was anything to confirm, there were too many other noises.

On the 2 occasions – our work colleagues who lived approx. 15km away and the other time our colleague 1 km away heard the same sound.

We can describe the sounds as:

· Low frequency

· Constant rumbling

· Like thunder sound but distant and carries on for couple minutes

We need to be quiet (sometimes difficult in Gordons bay) to hear it, so we will record dates.

SAWDIS: Anybody in the Gordons Bay area that observed these rumblings in the Gordons Bay area?  Send details to the SAWDIS by clicking HERE.  The Cape is due for another earthquake.  It is just a question of where and when it will hit.  The last big one was more  than 40 years ago.