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13 September 2011

Have you been noticing the weather getting wilder where you live, and in the news around the world?

Well, we wanted to share with you an exciting global event from our partners that will help connect the dots between the wild weather we’re seeing, climate change, and why it's so important we push the planet beyond fossil fuels.

The event is called 24 Hours of Reality -- it’s happening THIS WEDNESDAY, Sep 14th, and it will be a 24-hour worldwide marathon all about the reality of the climate crisis. Around the world, from New York City to South Africa to the Solomon Islands, people will use the power of the Internet to present their stories of living with climate change, and make clear the connection between extreme weather and the corporate carbon pollution that's changing our climate.

All the presentations, which will be in multiple languages, and in every single time zone, will be streamed live at

The timing of 24 Hours of Reality couldn't be more perfect -- it's just 10 days before Moving Planet, the global day of bike rallies and on-the-ground events to call for climate action. It's that one-two kick of awareness and activism that's got me really excited.

We hope you’ll be watching Wednesday too!

- 350Org Team