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04 September 2011

HAMNET News: 4 September 2011

At the recent Hamnet teleconference held on Monday the 29th of August, many current issues were discussed and highlighted some shortcomings within current structures.

It materialised that some Provincial Directors were not aware of the powers vested in them when running their individual teams. These powers include their authority to make decisions, take action and deploy teams without first having to consult with the National Director.

Although the National Director heads Hamnet, his task really is to liaise with the various Provincial Directors and to keep the Council of the SARL informed of various activities around the country.

The N/D is responsible to the Department of Transport in running the income and expenses of the Grant Fund, supplying them with a Certificate of Compliance and an Annual report which happens around April every year.

The Provincial Directors run their own teams make their own decision regarding first response or wait until called upon for assistance. This came out after the non-deployment of the Hamnet Gauteng South team after a recent aircraft incident in Limpopo Province.

After a Hamnet Gauteng South meeting held on the 31st of August, the minutes requested certain items from the N/D including a copy of the Agreement between Hamnet and the Department of Transport, a breakdown of expenses of the Grant Fund over the past few years and various other items.

These were supplied to increase transparency and to satisfy some thoughts surrounding the running of Hamnet. These items were also distributed to other P/D for perusal and availability by request from members.

We sincerely hope that members who felt ‘left out’ a few weeks ago, now have a much clearer picture in their minds regarding the role Hamnet plays after disasters and for the multi skilled members, they should in all fairness consider approaching the other volunteer groups should they feel that their skills are more appropriate in disaster situations.

As soon as the SARL website is running normally, the minutes of the teleconference will be published under the Hamnet segment for all to view.

Reporting for Hamnet, this is Francois Botha – ZS6BUU