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14 September 2011

First thunderstorms for the 2011/2012 season makes their appearance. ( 13 - 14 September 2011)

Image: SAWS (Click on image for larger view.)

The first thunderstorms for the 2011/2012 season made their appearance yesterday afternoon, last night and early this morning over parts of South Africa. 

The official 2011/2012 storm season has started!!

The SAWDIS received the following observation reports:

14 September 2011:

02h36 - Thunderstorms currently active over Eston/Pmb. Heading NE. Medium intensity lightning.Obs. Ryan Nortier

13 September 2011:

23h05 -  First thunderstorm for spring is here. Has been raining steadily for almost an hour and a lot of thunder and lightening over Kemptonpark. Obs. Rinus Loubser

11h02 -  11:02 PM Springs - And we have lots of lightning approaching from the WNW with thunder and some light rain...So far ? Yipee! Some clean air at last... To dark for pix im afraid... Obs. Brian

20h27 - RT @zerkerx: #sastorms @sawdis Latest Storms Generated: 13/09 17:40 - Theunissen  (30min alert: storm died out) 13/09 (cont)

17h46 - #threatnet Latest Storm Reports: @sawdis 13/09 17:05 - Sannieshof (Storm hit the town) 13/09 17:10 - (cont)

11h56 - #sastorms Radar network back online @sawdis

11h42 - #sastorms Durban radar network has just failed. @sawdis Not good due to the high chance of some storm developing

11h10 - #sastorms Haze around PMB finally starting to clear. Clouds building. Going out to see for Convective Cloud bases @sawdis

SAWDIS:  Many thanks for the reports and observations.  Keep observing as from now to the end of November we will experience severe weather.  Let's keep our communities informed to warn them of approaching severe weather, storm intensity and storm damage.