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20 September 2011

ARISSat used as teaching tool, covered in local newspaper

Fifteen Dowagiac Middle School seventh graders followed a satellite Tuesday morning, writing a new chapter in a mission that began two years ago in fifth grade at Sister Lakes Elementary School, where Matt Severin was then principal. While Lea Cooper aimed the antenna and McKenzie Hassle held the tablet tracking the path across the sky, Vivianna Lucio, James Tovey, Alexis Chorba, Drake Henslee, William Revis, Antonio Brito, Roel Rios, Angelica Hernandez, Jessaney Stockwell, Collin Hassle, Valerie Valenzuela and Arden Reiter tabulated data, including the secret word, eagles. Morgan Beach, the third girl wearing an orange shirt, was the timer. ARISSat-1 is an amateur radio satellite hand-launched from the International Space Station during an EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity). They were able to capture two full images during Tuesday morning’s pass. (The Daily News/John Eby)

Matt Severin, principal of Dowagiac Middle School in Michigan, took some of his students outside to track and listen to the satellite ARISSat-1 on Tuesday, September 13.

Two years earlier, Severin, then principal of Sister Lakes Elementary School, had a picture taken of the students and submitted it to be flown on ARISSat.

On Tuesday, the students were able to track the satellite, listen to greetings in several languages and receive telemetry as well as SSTV (Slow Scan Television) images with a goal to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

The Daily News posted a story on this activity.

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