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19 September 2011

4 men sustain burns in Alrode fire

4 men have sustained extensive burn injuries after an alleged chemical gas explosion at a factory in Alrode Park in the East of Johannesburg this morning.

ER24 paramedics arrived at the scene to find Fire and Rescue workers actively involved in extinguishing the blaze, and paramedics were immediately activated to the cordoned off area where the patients had been brought to. 4 men were found being stabilised by medical personnel, 3 of whom had suffered extensive burn injuries to their faces, arms, hands and chests. Their injuries were severe and they would need immediate treatment at a medical facility. The third man was fortunate to have only sustained minor injuries and all 4 men were taken per ambulance to the Union Hospital.

At this stage it is not clear as to what caused the fire, but the 4 men were allegedly working in a closed pit and they describe what seemed to be an explosion before the fire started. 

Authorities would need to investigate the actual cause of the fire.

Vanessa Jackson, ER24