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24 August 2011

Weather Station Statistics for Heiderand, Mossel Bay (Period: Jan. 2006 - Aug 2011)

Looking at the current weather statistics one cannot believe that Mossel Bay and other parts of the Southern Cape experienced the worst drought in 130 years in 2009 and 2011.  From the statistics provided by Johan van Aarde the SAWDIS Weather Statistician  it appears that Mossel Bay is heading for a record rainfall  year since 2006.  The following graphs reflect some interesting rainfall data.

Annual Rainfall - In August 2006 267 mm rain were measured. This is the highest rainfall recorded since 2006. Up to today 134mm was recorded for August 2011.

Total monthly rain - As can be seen from this chart, 100 mm or more  rain fell in 11 months since 2006. Of this eleven months100mm and more rain were recorded the past 4 months in 2011.

Most Rain (mm) -  We are now in day 235 of this year.  This chart shows that the progressive rainfall for this year up to August 2011 is 644 recorded over a period of 64 days.  The highest since 2006.

Annual Rainfall - Since middle April 2011 there is a steep rise (brown track)  - the highest since 2006.  Rainfall in 2011 might even surpass the 2006 figures with 4 months and a few days left of 2011.

Finally: Rainfall Mossel Bay: 23 August 2011 105mm in less than 9 hours. Second highest rainfall in August since 2006. - SAWDIS 

Images: Johan van Aarde (Click on images for larger view.)