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10 August 2011

PSKmail – Emergency Response Tool for Radio Amateurs put on the back-burner

The SAWDIS has decided to indefinitely postpone the permanent implementation of PSKmail as another emergency communications response tool in South Africa. The decision was taken after carefully reviewing several feasibility factors. The ZS1I PSKmail server has been taken "off the air" with immediate effect. The decision will not have any effect on providing emergency communications in the event of severe weather and disasters in South Africa as the current response tools available to the SAWDIS under the hospice of ZS1I is more than adequate to render this service.

Please note that PSKmail has lots of developing potential but with the current lack of interest in South Africa, the SAWDIS has decided that it is a waste of resources to run the ZS1I PSKmail server on a daily basis without any traffic or interest.