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10 August 2011

Important Notice: SA Weather and Disaster Information Service (SAWDIS)

The SAWDIS Blog is not working in the current format. I personally do not feel comfortable with the current layout and look of the SAWDIS Blog. I will therefor once again make some changes to the SAWDIS Blog. The HOME page will be changed backed to the previous format an all SAWDIS Twitter accounts will be moved to different pages under the tab's section. The SAWDIS apologize for the current format changes but we must find a workable and more attractive layout for the SAWDIS Blog.

The SAWDIS also received a few emails stating that they miss the old SAWDIS. The SAWDIS will unfortunately not return to the previous format due to copyright restraints, however please bear with me. Some changes do take time, but once I finalized the format and outlay, the SAWDIS will bring you new and interesting posts relating directly to weather and disasters. Stay connected to the SAWDIS!!