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24 August 2011

GFIMS Global Fire Alerts - UN-FAO/UMD/NASA - 23 August 2011

Your Area of Interest (Country) : South Africa

Fires detected over the past 24 hours in your area-of-interest : 837

(NOTE: Cloud cover might obscure active fire detections. The fire points will be listed only when the total number of active fires detected is less than or equal to 50)

This email was generated on 2011-08-24 , 04:02:08 UTC.

Image:  UN-FAO/UMD/NASA  (Click on image for larger view.)

SAWDIS - Fires caused chaos and destruction yesterday in many parts of the country.  Please report fires immediately to the fire services.  The 837 fires recorded yesterday would appear to be an all time record for fires in one day in South Africa.