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31 August 2011

Eddie Gagiano of Wellweather passed away last night. (30 August 2011 22h00)

Wellington Weather Station

It is with great sadness and shock that the SAWDIS  announce the passing of Eddie Gagiano (ZS1EG) of Wellweather, Wellington, South Africa.  Eddie was one of the first to become a SAWDIS Weather Observer soon after the SAWDIS was established on the 8 October 2008.  His interest in amateur radio, weather observation, science and technology,  earthquakes, and many other educational ventures are all displayed at and

He contributed greatly to the success of the SAWDIS by providing real time information about the weather and earthquakes to the SAWDIS.  He was instrumental in establishing the first citizens earthquake seismogram at Augrabies after Geoscience SA went the commercial route. He was also the first South African citizen to contribute to QCN QUAKE CATCHER world wide project.  With his insight and determination he was able to provide the public of South Africa and for that matter the World, with very valuable earthquake information from the Wellington and later the Augrabies area.  Sadly there were so many that he still would like to have done but he was called for higher duty.

The SAWDIS and South Africa has lost a science and technology pioneer.

The SAWDIS express it's sincere condolences to Eddie's family and friends in this trying time.  May the peace which comes from the memories of  Eddie Gagiano ( Mr Wellweather), comfort you as a family now and in the days ahead.  He will be sorely missed by me, the SAWDIS and the many that benefited from the great contributions he made to this country. 

Johan Terblanche (ZS1I)
Founder: SA Weather and Disaster Information Service
Mossel Bay