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04 August 2011

Cold Front move in over South Africa. 4 - 6 August 2011

Image: Eumetsat +  U.S. National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)  Click on images for larger view.

SAWDIS - Several weather warnings have been issued by the SA Weather Service for the next few days.  These include heavy rain, very cold conditions, snowfall, very rough seas and gale force winds.  Truely a recipe for severe weather and disaster.  The SAWDIS has monitored the approach of the cold front in the  past few days and it would appear that the latest rainfall forecast reflect slightly less rain in the SW-Cape.  However snowfalls can be expected on the Western Cape's southern mountains by the evening. The front extend eastwards on Friday, bringing snow to the central and northern parts of the Eastern Cape. Snowfall might not only affect the high ground but the lower ground as well. On Saturday, snow would be limited to the northern parts of the Eastern Cape and the western part of the Drakensberg and Lesotho. 

The SAWDIS  would like to warn all communities to remain on full alert. Motorists, travelers and members of the public must take note of the high probability of snow, heavy rain and gale force winds.  If at all possible postpone your journey or make alternative arrangements.  The SAWDIS will once again bring you the latest updates as the cold front progresses. 

The SAWDIS hereby ask the general public and SAWDIS Observers to forward any reports of severe weather conditions to the SAWDIS. Use your cellphone, digital camera, email and private weather station etc. in gathering and forwarding information, photos and data to the SAWDIS.

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