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02 August 2011

Cape Town fire service denies sluggish response to shack fire

Cape Town fire and rescue services officials on Tuesday denied claims by some Vygieskraal informal settlement residents that they were sluggish to respond to a blaze.

More than 60 dwellings were razed to the ground on Monday, leaving more than 200 people destitute.

Some residents said they have nothing left.

“It’s not a nice experience, it’s not nice,” one man said.

Another woman agreed, “Obviously we feel devastated because to lose a lot of things like that it is very sore.”

Others claimed it took firefighters over an hour to arrive on the scene.

“They took about two hours to come here maybe it’s because of the traffic but you can’t blame the traffic for that, it’s an emergency,” another resident said.

However, fire services say the first fire truck arrived on the scene less than 10 minutes after the incident was reported.