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11 July 2011

Worker pinned between forklift and ship’s hull: Cape Town Harbour

One man sustained injuries this morning when he was pinned between a ship’s hull and a forklift truck.The man believed to be aged in his late thirties was working in a cargo hold of the ship, cleaning the interior.

A forklift truck was being used to move large crates and other pieces around in the cargo hold. The forklift truck then allegedly lost traction and started to skid before colliding with the worker, pinning him between the forklift and the hull interior.

When ER24 paramedics arrived at the scene they found the gentleman lying on the deck of the ship. He had sustained an injury to his leg and was in severe pain. The ships on-board crane was used to lift the injured worker off of the ship and onto the dock.

He was then treated at the scene before being transported to Cape Town Mediclinic for further medical care.

Andre Visser, ER24
084 211 2277