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25 July 2011

Vodacom struck by more network problems

Vodacom’s network problems continue, with no clarity on what is behind the latest issues.

Vodacom’s network seems to have been struck with problems yet again, with numerous consumers yesterday (24 July 2011) reporting problems connecting to the Vodacom network.

One subscriber said that he had no service from Vodacom on his iPhone all day. “I went to Vodacom Shop this morning and they say network problems. Still down tonight and call centre not very helpful,” he said.

Other Vodacom subscribers confirmed the network problems which seem to have been isolated to certain users.

Twitter was also abuzz with tweets about Vodacom network problems, including “I’m just glad I’m sick in bed with no Vodacom reception & not stuck in the middle of nowhere” and “what’s going on with Vodacom reception? Entire weekend up and down in Sandton?”

Talk Radio 702’s John Robbie even asked on Twitter whether anyone knew what was “up with Vodacom” after complaints from listeners about voice service problems with Vodacom.

Vodacom was asked for details about the problems, but the company merely said “We are aware of some isolated incidences but our customer care team has been successful in resolving these queries.”

Vodacom’s comment is somewhat perplexing as many subscribers are still reporting problems on the Vodacom network. The lack of detailed information is also frustrating consumers.

“I don’t understand how Vodacom can be down for a whole day second time in one month and they seem very unconcerned,” one Vodacom subscriber said.

“It is typical Vodacom. If it is not a matter of national humiliation then it is not a priority,” said another.

- MyBroadband Mobile

SAWDIS - The Southern Cape experienced a massive power failure yesterday afternoon. The SAWDIS tried to use Twitter to inform members of the public of the latest severe weather and power outages experienced in Mossel Bay. It was quite noticeable that it took more than a minute to get a Twitter message out. Yes, I use the Vodacom network. I thought that it must have had something to do with the power outage. It now seems that it could have been network problems. Glad I can use amateur radio if all else fails. Lookout for exciting news on how the SAWDIS will use PSKmail in the event that cellphone and Internet networks fail.