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26 July 2011

Search and Rescue: Taxi stuck in the snow since yesterday in Van Reenens Pass


SAWDIS: Telephone lines are down.  I am currently using Amateur Radio to get the message through.  Philani if you read this please send more information on where the taxi is stationary in the Van Rheenens Pass.

Philani Nkosi writes: I have faxed it to Harrismith Police station. Your assistance is greatly appreciate. 26Km from where they are to Harrismith.

SAWDIS: I also send a fax  to SAPS Harrismith and are in radio contact with HAMNET should further assistance be required.

Philani Nkosi writes: There is a Taxi from Eastern Cape which is stuck in Vanreenen Pass between Tugela Plaza and Mount-Trose in this taxi there is pregnant woman with here 3 year old son with her sister and with her 25 days old baby girl they have been stuck there since yesterday. 

SAWDIS:  Philani thanks for your email.  The SAWDIS will fax this information to the SAPS in Harrismith.  I would advise that you do the same.  Here are the SAPS telephone and fax numbers for the SAPS in Harrismith.

Phone:  058 624 1000
Fax: 058 622 1057

People living in Harrismith, Ladysmith or surrounding areas near the Van Reenens Pass would you also please convey message to the SAPS and Disaster Management in your area. 

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