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27 July 2011

CSIR Meraka: Terra MODIS Satellite Images (27 July 2011 10:20am)

Snow South Africa

Snow Eastern Cape

Snow Free State

Snow Kwazulu Natal 1

Snow Kwazulu Natal 2
(Click on images for larger view.)

Please see attached snow maps as derived from the Terra MODIS at 10:20am this morning at the CSIR Meraka.

Data can also be downloaded at


Philip Frost
Remote Sensing Specialist
CSIR-Meraka Institute

SAWDIS:  Philip thank you very much for the impressive images.  I am sure our readers will appreciate the images as they give a detailed view of where heavy snow fell in South Africa.  The SAWDIS thank the CSIR-Meraka Institute for the co-operative effort to research and education in South Africa. The SAWDIS is looking forward to closer co-operation between the SAWDIS and the CSIR-Meraka Institute in the future.