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25 July 2011

Send the SAWDIS your Observations and Images of the current Severe Weather

Every year people are killed or seriously injured by severe weather.  Several are rescued and survive a dreadful ordeal despite advanced weather warnings.  While some did hear the warning, others hear the warning but did not pay attention to it.

Help the SAWDIS to spread the word about severe weather  by becoming a weather and disaster observer.  Do not assume that the SAWDIS knows for certain that severe weather has occurred.  Never assume that your weather observation report is not important. The SAWDIS  need weather observation reports from the general public on a daily basis.

Reports have been received of heavy snowfalls in parts of the Western - , Eastern Cape and Kwazulu Natal . Motorists are advised to drive very careful in the wet and slippery conditions. Snowfalls are expected to continue today and tonight in parts of the country.

The SAWDIS hereby ask the general public and SAWDIS Observers to forward any reports of severe weather conditions to the SAWDIS. Use your cellphone, digital camera, email and private weather station etc. in gathering and forwarding information, photos and data to the SAWDIS.

Opportunity a-plenty for good photo's, measuring the highest and average wind speed, recording of damage to nature and infrastructure etc. The information and your photos will be published on the SAWDIS Blog.

Send information to:
SMS, MMS messages to: 076 251 3482 (text messages only)
Email photos and information to: