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15 July 2011

SEACOM maintenance scheduled for July 2011

SEACOM’s partner SMW4 is planning maintenance on the undersea cable; plans in place to avert any downtime

SEACOM has been experiencing a fair amount of downtime since their launch. One of the weakest links in SEACOM’s network proved to be the SMW4 cable which carries part of SEACOM’s capacity through the Mediterranean on its way to London.

It is therefore no surprise that consumers don’t really want to hear that SMW4 is planning maintenance, but that is exactly what will happen later in July 2011.

SEACOM told MyBroadband that it has been informed by SMW4 that they are planning undersea maintenance between Alexandria and Palermo, which will take place from 25th July to 31st July 2011.

Good news to ISPs and consumers relying on SEACOM for international connectivity is that SEACOM is not anticipating any downtime because of the SMW4 maintenance.

“SEACOM is planning to provide uninterrupted service during the scheduled SMW4 maintenance period by routing the affected SEACOM Cable system services via the TE-North cable system, which forms part of the SEACOM network from Egypt to France,” said Martin Sanne, General Manager at SEACOM South Africa.

“Our network engineering team will be activating these services on a trial basis from Saturday 16th July 2011 and then fully for the period of the maintenance on the 25th July 2011,” said Sanne.

Sanne points out that further alternatives are also currently being planned and implemented on a customer specific basis as needed. This will ensure full availability of services throughout the planned maintenance period of SMW4.

“As part of SEACOM’s ongoing network expansion and network resilience planning, SEACOM has secured additional capacity on various other networks as well, which route traffic on alternative routes from Egypt through the Mediterranean and from Mumbai to the Far East,” Sanne concluded.

- MyBroadband

SAWDIS: Let's hope that there will be minimum outages or interruptions to internet services while the maintenance is undertaken.