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28 July 2011


The SAWDIS would like to thank all the members of public, radio amateurs, the media and real time observers who send photos, weather station data, info and reports this past few days to the SAWDIS. With the information received we could track the severe snowstorm and also the chaos caused in some areas. Several successful rescue missions were also launched during this event and literally 100's of people were rescued amongst them 15 crew members from a ship that stranded along the Kwazulu Natal coast. Thankfully there were no loss of life as a result of the severe weather experienced in the Eastern Cape and Kwazulu Natal Provinces.

The SAWDIS would also like to personally thank the following organizations:

1. TrafficSA
3. RSG Radio
4. CSIR Meraka
5. SA Army
6. SA Police
8. N3 Toll Concession
9. Stormchasing SA
10. Emergency Services
11. JOC and Disaster Management Personal
12. All other roll players not mentioned here

The SAWDIS were inundated with information via Email, SMS, MMS and Twitter and received first hand information as the situation unfolded. This devastating severe weather demonstrated the fact that when disaster strikes South Africans all come together to assist wherever they can. Be it emergency radio communications, helping people to move their personal belongings, assist emergency services, donating food and drinks or packing beverages for the many roll players and victims. It is heart warming to see and hear how people assisted each other during this event.

Once again thank you for the support and service. The SAWDIS is looking forward to your continued support. With your help we can render a free service to the public and hopefully contribute to save and better the lives of those in need.

Once again a big thank you to all!!

Johan Terblanche
Founder: SA Weather and Disaster Information Service
Mossel Bay
28 July 2011