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28 July 2011

SAWDIS now feature on the New Daily Top 1000 World ClustrMap List

(Click on image for larger view.)

The SAWDIS now appears on ClusterMaps Daily Top 1000 List and earned a ‘Top 1000′ Badge because of the high page ranking of ClustrMaps.  The SAWDIS are now listed 429 th on the top 1000 list thanks to the readers of the SAWDIS Blog.

Instead of merely ranking people by the number of daily visits to  the SAWDIS site ClusterMaps now deploy a new ‘rolling average ClustrMaps impact’ score.

By ‘rolling average’, ClustrMaps look at the numbers over a 30-day period (or a projection of that period when appropriate) rather than just considering a single day. Readers might have noticed the Daily Top 1000 Badge on the SAWDIS cluster map. (See image)
If the SAWDIS site appears on the Daily Top 1000 List, then during that day readers will automatically see a ‘Top 1000′ Badge displayed on the SAWDIS big world map, linking to the Daily Top 1000 List.

ClustrMaps real-time dots are updated every minute around the clock (see blog posting), but the SAWDIS all-time (red) dots have typically been subject to a ‘threshold’ requirement such as a 5% increase in visitors. ClustrMaps are migrating users towards a regular daily update of all the maps. This is taking place on a ‘rolling priority’ basis, with top priority going to users who appear in our Daily Top 1000 list, and then ClustrMaps will extend that to the top 10000, 50000 and 100000 users over time.

The SAWDIS has thus far been visited by nearly 200 countries which is pretty awesome. Thanks to all our readers who visit the SAWDIS Blog on a regular basis.  The SAWDIS trust that our readers find the content of this web-site to their liking.