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26 July 2011

Road users stuck in snow in Eastern Cape and Kwazulu Natal

Lynn Kauffman writes: It is a great worry to me that a Greyhound bus is caught in the snow outside Queenstown in the Eastern Cape. They have been unable to move since 04:50 this morning and it seems no hope of the road being opened anytime soon. The passengers are hungry and cold. Is there any way we can get them out of here before they have to spend a second night without food or warmth?

SAWDIS - Lynn I have great sympathy with all those that are stuck in the snow in the Eastern Cape and Kwazulu Natal. Capt John Fobian (SAPS/Disaster Management: Eastern Cape) indicated this morning that all the people stuck in buses in the Penhoek Pass were rescued. Further rescue missions will be undertaken this morning to rescue people stuck overnight in the snow elsewhere in the Eastern Cape. It was established that Mr Ivan Shadi was stuck overnight in his car 8km from Elliot. He used his cellphone to summon help.

The SAWDIS advise motorists to stay off snow covered roads until the severe weather has cleared.