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13 July 2011

Rainy season brings floods to Nigeria

Image: A man rides a motorcycle through a flooded road after heavy rains in the Ikoyi district of Nigeria's commercial city, Lagos.

Lagos - Nigerian emergency authorities say at least 29 people have died in weekend floods in two cities of Africa's most populous nation.

A spokesperson for the National Emergency Management Agency said on Tuesday that at least 20 people died in the commercial capital of Lagos during unusually heavy rains on Sunday.

Yushau Shuaib said nine more people died in the city of Katsina, which saw heavy rains on Friday evening.

He said the floods displaced more than 100 people in Katsina. Lagos shut down its public schools on Monday.

The agency has warned that rains will be heavier this year than last year. Last year's rains displaced about 500 000 people nationwide.

The rainy season lasts from June to September. Poor drainage systems aggravate its impact. - Sapa-AP