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12 July 2011

NEW!!! - SAWDIS WiFi Antenna Project

The SAWDIS experienced WiFi network reception problems in and around it's operational centre.  I needed an external antenna to extend my range of reception.  I looked at several commercial antennas and decided to roll my own. I decided to build a BiQuad Antenna with 27 - 31 dBi gain as described by Trevor Marshall, but I made a few structural changes to suite my setup.

The biquad antenna is not particularly directional, but has a fairly wide beamwidth.
The 3dB beamwidth for a biquad (without side lips) is typically about 40-50 degrees, thus making it ideal for any applications where you want fairly wide coverage.

The relatively wide beamwidth also makes a biquad very suitable for war-driving and stumbling, allowing you to pick up signals without having to align the antenna directly with the signal source.

Here is a few images of the newly constucted BiQuad Antenna.  All I now need is to buy a fly-lead and then I can test this relative cheap WiFi antenna.

Images: SAWDIS  (Click on images for larger view.)