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10 July 2011

Japan Tohoku tsunami and earthquake : Massive 7.0 aftershock with tsunami advisory

Image: USGS

After a period with relative calm, a new massive aftershock has scared the coastal population of the already destroyed coast of North Eastern Japan.

UPDATE : NO reports of damage or injuries have been reported

Due to the distance of the epicenter to the coast, shaking damage or deaths were not immediately expected.
A tsunami advisory for potential waves of up to 0.5 meter was in place for part of the coast of the March 11 earthquake.
Tsunami “advisory” is the lighter version of Tsunami “warning”.
JMA Tsunami overview
- 3 minutes after the earthquake the Seismological Bureau of Japan (JMA) issued a Tsunami advisory (waves up to 0.5 meter) fro Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures.
- 1 minute later JMA released the predicted arrival times of the waves Iwate (20 minutes), Miyagi (20 minutes) and Fukushima (30 minutes)
- at 11:45 AM (local time), 48 minutes after the earthquake struck, the tsunami advisory was canceled.
- a little later JMA reported that the actual measured tsunami height was max. 0.2 meter at Miyagi
Conclusion : predictions from JMA (Japan) and GDACS (EU) were very accurate.

It took about 30 minutes for the waves to reach the coast.
GDACS has (theoretically) calculated that the max. wave height would be 0.3 meter.

The PWTC (Pacific Warning Tsunami Center) reported that (for all Pacific Ocean countries except Japan)

- Earthquake Report