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23 July 2011

In Pictures: Norway attacks

Scores of people have been killed in two attacks in Norway: a bomb blast that went off near a government building housing the prime minister's office in Oslo, followed by a shooting incident at a youth camp near the city. The explosion in the Norwegian capital, which took place at 3:20pm local time, blew out most of the windows of a 17-storey building housing Jens Stoltenberg's office in the city centre. It also damaged nearby ministries, including the finance and oil ministry, which was on fire. The bomb killed at least seven people and left up to 15 others injured.

In the shooting incident, at a meeting organised by the ruling Labour party on Utoya island, outside Oslo, at least 80 people were killed and the assailant - said to be disguised as a police officer - was arrested.

1) A view shows the aftermath of the bomb blast in Oslo [Fartein Rudjord/Reuters]

2) An injured woman is helped by a man at the scene of the bomb blast in Oslo [Morten Holm/Scanpix/Reuters]

3) Two women walk over debris while rescue workers are seen in the background near the site of an explosion in Oslo [Thomas Winje Oijord/Scanpix/AFP]

4) An aerial view of Olso's city centre shortly after an explosion rocked the Norwegian capital [Jon Bredo Overaas/Scanpix/AFP]

5) A view shows the aftermath of a bomb blast on a street in Oslo [Fartein Rudjord/Reuters]

6) A view shows the aftermath of a blast on a street in Oslo [Fartein Rudjord/Reuters]
7) Smoke billows from a 17-storey government building [Andreas H Lunde/Scanpix/Reuters]

8) Rescue workers at the site of the explosion [Thomas Winje Oijord/Scanpix/Reuters]

9) A destroyed shop in Oslo [AFP]

10) The aftermath of the blast [Fartein Rudjord/Reuters]

11) An aerial view of Utoeya island  [Reuters]

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- Aljazeera + News Agencies