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05 July 2011

Flood havoc in East London

Heavy rains and flooding wreaked havoc in East London with residents trapped in cars and homes, says Eastern Cape disaster management.

Spokesman John Fobian said: "We are trying to access communities who have been affected. Our primary function right now is to rescue people."

Emergency personnel earlier rescued workers who were trapped in their cars along Windermere road.

"They were trapped as the water surrounded their vehicles."

A number of houses were surrounded by water.

"Rescue workers are still trying to get to people whose houses were flooded, including those in informal settlements."

Fobian said reports of flooding began pouring in from 7AM.

No injuries or deaths were reported.

Port Elizabeth was also experiencing heavy rains and strong winds.

The SA Weather Service said widespread showers were expected in the Eastern Cape for the rest of Tuesday.

"The bulk of rain will be experienced today, with a few showers tomorrow," forecaster Ezekile Sebego said.

There was also a possibility of snow on the northern high ground up to Lesotho.

- Times Live

Images of flooding: Click HERE