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19 July 2011

Fires...Fires...Fires - Time to implement safety measures to save lives!!

The spate of recent house and office fires are cause for great concern.  The SAWDIS discussed certain safety measures HERE  that house owners can implement.  I have just installed two smoke alarms at a cost of R113.00 each in two bedrooms of my home.  Maybe it is time to make it compulsory to have smoke alarms installed in all buildings in South Africa?  However a smoke alarm  is just one small item that can be installed in the home/office to make it safer this is if the installer strictly adheres to installation and maintenance instructions provided with the device.  The SAWDIS recommend that home/office owners  install smoke alarms in their homes/offices as R113.00 is a small amount to pay to save lives in the event of a fire.

Image: SAWDIS  (Click on images for larger view.)