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05 July 2011

East London weather chaos

Vincent Park centre. Picture sent in by Thembisa Hanise

Zwanga Mukhuthu and Vuyo Zondeki writes:

Heavy rains and flooding brought some part of businesses in the Vincent Park Shopping centre and Hemingways Mall to a standstill on Tuesday.
In Vincent Park Shopping Centre the whole undergroung section was flooded, leaving shop owners and customers stranded.
Shops such as Pick n Pay, Mr Price, Clicks, Health Wise, Wimpy and many more were flooded and remained closed.
Health Wise Shop Manager Laksmi Rama said, her store was badly flooded it would need a “week to sort out the mess”.
She said, “This is the first time something like this happened and this will interfere with business.”
In Hemingways Mall individual stores were affected by rain.
When the Daily Dispatch got there, employees from the Baby Boom shopping store were busy clearing the store because water had damaged boxes carrying goods
Assistant store manager Lario Peterson said: “The water clearly did not come from the roof, it might have come through the back, I am not sure - we surely won’t be trading today,”
He said, he was waiting for the Mall assessor to come and assess the exact amount of damage caused by the rain.
Mzamomhle informal settlement was also flooded. Rain water was flowing into shacks that were located near the roads.
Interim Committee chairman in the area, Vuyani Dlova said the people there were suffering.
He said, “Earlier this year government promised to sort this problem of flooding in our area out - by making open spaces for floods,”
He said Tail B trucking machines should be sent immediately to the area to fix the drainage problem. - Daily Dispatch